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Classic Iced Tea in 5 min – Recipe

Summer is here, and maybe you’re feeling a bit too hot to be chugging back your favourite hot-beverage. So here’s how to make a fast and delicious pitcher of Classic Iced Tea. And no waiting overnight for it to chill. With this easy recipe, you can have your tea, and ice it too 😉   […]

An Update From Kenya – In Their Own Words

In one of our recent weekly phone chats with the JusTeam in Kenya, we mentioned how amazing it would be to have regular updates from the team there. We talked about the possibility of live Facebook video feeds, Twitter parties, blog posts, etc. Without skipping a beat, the team was on it. Soon after this […]

JusTea has joined the Fair Trade Federation Family

October was Fair Trade Month and we are excited to announce that JusTea has just become a member of Fair Trade Federation (FTF).   FTF is a community of organizations, committed to 9 cornerstone fair-trade principles: Create Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers, Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships, Build Capacity, Promote Fair Trade, Pay […]

Photo Blog from our Recent Kenya Trip

This past July, the JusTeam made our 7th trip to Kenya to visit our incredible farmers. We’ve grown tremendously over the past year and it was a great opportunity to connect with those who grow and handpick your tea leaves. They make it possible for us to provide quality teas and we’d like to share […]

Why you Should Care About Stopping the Trade

After over 24 hours of exhausting travel from Vancouver to Seattle to Amsterdam and finally to Nairobi, we were relieved to arrive and rest at our hotel. Little did we know an historic ivory burn, a call to end the ivory trade worldwide, was taking place in Nairobi National Park. We’d already planned to visit […]

Our New Handcrafted Teas & Self-Reflection

Fresh teas have just arrived from Kenya! The Katah family shipped us some new handcrafted teas: Monsoon Black and Spiral Green! The Katah’s are very excited to be sharing these delicious teas with you as these are the only Kenyan teas in the world that are farmer-direct and handcrafted, woohoo!! It has been a long […]

Wasted Rain

Rich soil washed down the headwaters of the Nile all the way to Egypt Our friend Davison looks down from his tea bushes to the stream gorge below, and sighs,“Egypt should send us a big THANK YOU card because of how much us farmers love to send out our soil to them at no cost.” […]

Do you know where your tea is from?

Tea is isolated from most drinkers, grown near the tropics in highland farms, but JusTea wants you to be connected to the farmer, the place of production and the way it arrives in your kitchen.   When we walk down the steep path off the dirt road, chickens scatter and dogs bark ferociously. We are […]

Locals of Nakuru are creating social change by using WhatsApp

“No matter how many written petitions you sent to the county officials they would often end up in garbage bins or ignored somewhere in a shelf. Yet these were pertinent issues. By coming up with a WhatsApp group, the leaders felt challenged to answer the questions raised and it has lead to an informed discussion […]

Buddha, Tea, and African Thunderstorms (Part 2)

During our time in Nandi, we often ate our meals together with the Katah family and Buddha, our tea expert from Darjeeling. The conversation most often consisted of stories from the well-travelled life of Buddha, or as he is known in some circles, “Uncle Tiger”, because he used to drive an old Peugeot with the Lion emblem. […]