Stop the ivory trade

Why you Should Care About Stopping the Trade

After over 24 hours of exhausting travel from Vancouver to Seattle to Amsterdam and finally to Nairobi, we were relieved to arrive and rest at our hotel. Little did we know an historic ivory burn, a call to end the ivory trade worldwide, was taking place in Nairobi National Park. We’d already planned to visit […]

Handcrafted Tea Nandi Hills

Our New Handcrafted Teas & Self-Reflection

Fresh teas have just arrived from Kenya! The Katah family shipped us some new handcrafted teas: Monsoon Black and Spiral Green! The Katah’s are very excited to be sharing these delicious teas with you as these are the only Kenyan teas in the world that are farmer-direct and handcrafted, woohoo!! It has been a long […]

wasted rain in Kenya on the tea farm.

Wasted Rain

Rich soil washed down the headwaters of the Nile all the way to Egypt Our friend Davison looks down from his tea bushes to the stream gorge below, and sighs,“Egypt should send us a big THANK YOU card because of how much us farmers love to send out our soil to them at no cost.” […]