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Q&A session with our Kenyan founding father, Mzee Jacob!

Join us this week in a live Q&A session with Mzee Jacob, our founding father in Kenya! You can find him featured on our African Chai tea tin. #justeafarmers #livefromkenya ??

Cozying Up for Fall With JusTea’s Purple Chocolate Tea

This guest post was written by The Editor’s Diary

Once fall hits, there’s nothing I love more than lighting a candle, curling up on the couch with a book, and pouring myself a cup of hot tea. These days I’ve been cutting down on my caffeine so when JusTea sent me a few samples of their low caffeine organic Kenyan teas, I was excited to try them out.

Welcoming Fall with JusTea

JusTea has been working directly with farmers in Kenya since 2012 to produce ethical, sustainable, fair trade purple, green, oolong, herbal and black artisanal organic loose leaf teas. The project is a partnership with the Kenyan Katah family and the Nandi Hills community. Over the years JustTea has developed authentic relationships with Kenyan farmers, (often by sitting down and sharing cups of tea in their homes) and in six years has helped create over 200 jobs paying fair wages to Kenyans, including women who hand-harvest the teas.

Knowing this makes drinking JusTea a warm and fuzzy experience on many levels (and not just because I’m wearing a pair of woolly socks while doing so).

Fall with JusTea

A cup of Purple Chocolate Tea

JusTea’s new purple chocolate tea, which includes Kenya fair trade purple tea, rose petals and cacao shells, takes its feel-good factor to another level because, in addition to using organic fair trade tea leaves and supporting Kenyans, it also uses organic cacao shells supplied by the social enterprise East Van Roasters.

Buy Purple Chocolate Tea

Founded by The Portland Hotel Society, East Van Roasters employs women struggling with mental health and addiction issues in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside neighborhood. Here, the women work as baristas and kitchen support staff, an experience which provides them with newfound skills, confidence, and independence.

Purple Chocolate Tea

If you’ve never heard of or tasted purple tea, you are likely not alone. Most multinational factories don’t accept any purple tea leaves, so they are quite uncommon on the North American market. But purple tea, which you can buy online, has many unique qualities and benefits, including the fact that it contains more antioxidants than any other tea. JusTea introduced purple tea to their collection, which is available for purchase online, in 2017. They have since received two prestigious awards including Best Innovative Packaging and Product of the Year.

Tea is the Perfect Christmas Gift

And what beautiful packaging it is! The colourful pastel tins which come with a beaded hand-carved measuring spoon are so pretty that I’m planning to give a few tins away as Christmas gifts, while the tea satchels will be great to stuff into stockings.

JusTea's for Fall

If you’ve asked yourself “where I can buy purple tea online” or you’re wondering about the purple tea price, visit https://justea.com

Buy Purple Tea

Boaz discusses an exciting review from a customer!

On this weeks live from Kenya Boaz shares an exciting recent review and discusses how JusTea is supporting Kenya’s thriving culture through better returns to our farmers ?

Celebrate 5 years of JusTea with Boaz!

Join Boaz, our cottage factory manager in Kenya, in celebrating 5 years of progress at JusTea #JusTeaFarmers #LiveFromKenya ?


Join us for a special live Founders and Farmers Breakfast to celebrate five years of JusTea

Join us this week on our #LiveFromKenya for a special Founders and Farmers Breakfast to celebrate five years of JusTea ? Talk with our #justeafarmers, our Canadian founders (Grace and Grayson Bain), the children of the literacy program, Mzee Jacob and more!

Meet our #JusTeaFarmer Jamilla

In this weeks #LiveFromKenya, Jamilla, who manages the JusTea reading and writing program in Kenya, tells us why a tin of Purple Chocolate is the perfect gift! And why she was so excited to have her photograph on this tin. ??

Some of our amazing Kenyan team will be pouring up samples of their newest teas at #COTECA Expo in Hamburg, Germany this month (October 2018) If you’re in the area, come by and meet some of our #Justeafarmers! #Purpleteaexperience

Celebrating five years: How JusTea Started

Boaz, our factory manager in Kenya tells the story of how JusTea started five years ago ☕?? #livefromkenya #justeafarmers

Tea Plucking Contest Finals!

The finals of our #justeafarmers tea plucking contest is finally here! Watch our two fastest tea pluckers face off and see who wins the title of JusTea’s fastest tea plucker! ??

Tea Plucking Contest Semi-Finals

Watch four of our amazing #justeafarmers compete in the semi-finals for tea plucking! The two fastest pluckers will move on to the finals and the two slower pluckers will receive a consolation prize of bread! Tune in next week for the final round to see who the fastest plucker is! ?

Tea Plucking Contest Part 2

On this week’s #LIveFromKenya, #JusteaFarmers are competing in Heat 2 of our Kenyan tea plucking race! Johana, Monica, Adelite, and Jen, face off to advance to the quarter-finals. The 2 fastest pluckers move on in the competition, the slower pluckers get a consolation prize of bread!