The JusTeam gives back

Last week, the JusTeam in Kenya set out on a mission to provide months’ worth of firewood to a local elder, and while we were at it, ended up restoring power to the whole village. Here’s how we did it.


A local elder, Priscilla, was found to be in need of firewood. With the rainy season on its way, and temperatures dropping, firewood is crucial for both heat, and a means of cooking (and of course boiling water for tea!).  The JusTeam decided that they would spend a day finding a tree, and chopping it into firewood for her.



The same day, power went out in the village. This is a weekly (sometimes daily) occurrence in many rural areas. Sometimes electricity is restored in a matter of minutes, sometimes not for days. This causes serious problems for businesses that use any machinery or technology requiring electricity (so basically most businesses).


 Word had spread in the village that the JusTeam was going to be doing this for Priscilla, and someone contacted Boaz (the project manager), after having noticed that a tree was leaning on a powerline just outside of town. This tree had most likely caused other power outages in the past, but no one had ever bothered to deal with it.



Boaz contacted the city and ensured all power was turned off. The team cut down the tree and into firewood. Within a few hours, power was completely restored to the village, Priscilla had enough firewood to last for months, and the JusTeam went home with a well-deserved sense of accomplishment.



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Keep on steepin’ on,


Idea Man Dan