Photo Blog from our Recent Kenya Trip

This past July, the JusTeam made our 7th trip to Kenya to visit our incredible farmers. We’ve grown tremendously over the past year and it was a great opportunity to connect with those who grow and handpick your tea leaves. They make it possible for us to provide quality teas and we’d like to share some photos that were captured during this trip.  See the entire album here.

Grayson Jacob Purple Tea Fields







Grayson and Mzee Jacob have been working together for years now and it is a relationship that will last a lifetime!  Jacob is holding a giant tea seed in this picture!

Tea Field Landscape










The spectacular Nandi Hills tea garden.  Every leaf is plucked by hand for your tea cup!

Jacob Purple Tea Fields













Jacab Katah proudly showcases fresh, hand-plucked purple tea from Nandi Hills.  Purple tea is a cultivar of camellia sinensis assamica and was discovered in Kenya 25 years ago. The reason it is called Purple Tea is because the bushes actually flush purple leaves due to a natural genetic mutation (non-gmo) in the leaf pigmentation. Very cool!

Green and Purple Tea Field













The beautiful purple/green tea garden.  Kenya is situated directly on the equator so farmers never spray any chemicals on their tea leaves.  So it is always a heatlhy, clean cup of tea for you!

Children Purple Tea Fields











Hide-and-seek in the purple tea leaves.

Chamomile Harvest












Our organically grown Kenyan Chamomile is blended with our herbal teas to create exquisite caffeine-free teas.

Purple Tea Leaves











Only the top two leaves and a bud of the Purple tea bush are carefully hand-plucked.

JusTea Tumoi Partners











The Bain and Katah Family: Gregory, Jamilla, Grayson, Boaz, Paul, Jacob.  These are our key team leaders in Kenya.

Tea Pluckers in Nandi Hills, Kenya











Plucking tea leaves is hard work and usually begins early in the morning before the day gets too hot..

Paul and Wycliffe ReunitePaul Bain and Wycliffe always love reconnecting.  Wycliffe is the star of our JusTea video!