An Update From Kenya – In Their Own Words

In one of our recent weekly phone chats with the JusTeam in Kenya, we mentioned how amazing it would be to have regular updates from the team there. We talked about the possibility of live Facebook video feeds, Twitter parties, blog posts, etc. Without skipping a beat, the team was on it. Soon after this chat, they arranged for some students in the business program from the local university to design a document outlining a short history of JusTea (we’re still young!). We were blown away with the professionalism and aesthetic of it. And knew we had to share it with you! Take a quick read, and enjoy! If you’d like to talk to any of the JusTeam in Kenya, tweet with the hashtag #JusTeaFarmers. We’ll make sure they get back to you!

More than just tea -1

More than just tea - 2

More than just tea - 3

More than just tea - 4