Live Q&A: Purple Tea, Community Projects and more!

Asante Sana! This week, Jamila says thank you to all of their partners, farmers and of course, all of you, for making 2017 such a great year! On December 9th, the live chat session will teach us how to process tea. We will learn the details of how freshly plucked tea leaves are transformed into the delicious ! On December 16th, Boaz and Jamila will host another Q&A session. Boaz will answer all tea-related questions, and Jamila will answer questions about the current education and literacy program. The following Saturday, we will join Jamila at a Christmas party, where we will get an insight into how Kenyans celebrate Christmas. Finally, on December 30th, the live chat will feature an interview with a very special Kenyan tea farmer (you’ll have to wait to find out who!). He will tell us what it is like to be a farmer in Kenya as well as any challenges and opportunities he has encountered. This month’s Live Chat sessions will cover a myriad of interesting topics, so stay tuned!

New Purple Tea Plants to Debut in 2018

In partnership with the Kenyan Tea Research Institute, Tumoi Teas is expecting 440 new purple tea plants in 2018. Boaz explains that these new purple tea plants will have higher anthocyanin content, more pigmentation and unique flavours than the current ones. Boaz also discusses his quest with Emanuel to identify different purple tea plants. The two visited approximately 20 purple tea fields and examined the morphology and pigmentation of the each plant carefully.

Planting the Seeds of Education

This week, Jamila talks about planting avocado trees around schools in Kenya as part of the #JusTeaReads literacy program. They will be raising seedlings from high yielding avocado trees, which can produce up to 200 avocados per plant! The germinated avocado seeds will be ready for planting by January of 2018. Next week, students from three neighbouring schools will have a chance to take part in the process of raising avocado seedlings.