Valentine’s Day in Kenya

On any ordinary day in Nairobi, Kenya, you would not expect to see any public displays of affections. Though, there is one exception -Valentine’s day. Walking on the streets of Nairobi on Valentine’s day, you will be surrounded by couples hand in hand, and you can feel the warm and exciting feeling in the air. Flowers and chocolates amongst other goodies are being sold almost everywhere in Nairobi on this special day. People would purchase these exciting gifts and prepare surprises to express their love for their loved ones.

Why Purple Tea?

Most purple tea farmers are based in the western part of Kenya, such as Kericho and Nandi. There are approximately 100 small-scale purple tea farmers in these areas and the JusTea/Tumoi partnership currently works with 80-95% of these farmers!

Boaz explains that many tea farmers began planting purple tea seedlings because of its unusual environmental qualities. Unlike the ordinary green tea bush, purple tea is much more resilient to drought and pests, which means that farmers can expect much higher yields.

Tumoi Teas continues its Purple Tea research with the TRI (Tea Research Institute of Kenya) and is experimenting with 10 new cultivars that will be introduced to the market in the next 3-5 years. These new cultivars are expected to have have higher anthocyanin and antioxidant content than previous purple cultivars!