Wrap up of May: our impact footprint summarized.

Boaz wraps up the month of May series by discussing what Infusing happiness means to Kenyan farmers. Steeping a cup of tea and enjoying it brings JusTea customers happiness which translates into happiness for many families in Kenya. Every sip of JusTea goes a long way!

#JusteaFarmers impact footprint. BREW GOODNESS.


Continuing from last week’s live video, Boaz, our cottage factory manager, discusses what the acronym BREW goodness means for Kenyan farmers. Through partnering with JusTea, farmers are able to enjoy Bountiful harvest, Reliable income, positive Environmental impact and better Well-being. It’s not just about the tea!

#JusteaFarmers… Steeping Love… Our impact

Boaz, our cottage factory manager, discusses the second acronym of May: steep. He shares what social impact, technical skills, economic environment, education and physical well being means to JusTea farmers. And how the combination of these 5 components creates love in every steep of JusTea!

#Justeafarmers Intro to TEA! (pun intended)


In this weeks #LiveFromKenya Boaz, our cottage factory manager, turns the word tea into an acronym to break down what tea means to JusTea and Tumoi Teas. He speaks about how JusTea farmers are leading the way in transformational leadership, empowerment and advancing Kenya as a specialty tea provider. This is the first of the #JusTeaFarmers May series all about how JusTea is making a difference in the lives of Kenyan tea farmers.