Tea Plucking Contest Finals!

The finals of our #justeafarmers tea plucking contest is finally here! Watch our two fastest tea pluckers face off and see who wins the title of JusTea’s fastest tea plucker! ??

Tea Plucking Contest Semi-Finals

Watch four of our amazing #justeafarmers compete in the semi-finals for tea plucking! The two fastest pluckers will move on to the finals and the two slower pluckers will receive a consolation prize of bread! Tune in next week for the final round to see who the fastest plucker is! ?

Tea Plucking Contest Part 2

On this week’s #LIveFromKenya, #JusteaFarmers are competing in Heat 2 of our Kenyan tea plucking race! Johana, Monica, Adelite, and Jen, face off to advance to the quarter-finals. The 2 fastest pluckers move on in the competition, the slower pluckers get a consolation prize of bread!

Tea Plucking Contest

This month we are holding a plucking contest! Each week our #justeafarmes will compete to pick the most tea leaves! This week we have Elizabeth, Shanguya, Sammy, and Joel facing off to get to the quarter-finals! ?