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Classic Iced Tea in 5 min – Recipe

BBQ season is upon us, and if you’re like us you probably don’t want to spend hours prepping. So here’s how to make a fast and delicious pitcher of Classic Iced Tea. And no waiting overnight for it to chill. With this easy recipe, you can have your tea, and ice it too 😉   […]

Your Questions Answered

We recently ran a survey and received so many great questions and comments from you, so we thought we would publish our responses. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete our survey, we love getting your feedback and our team is keeping all of your comments in mind as we move into the […]

Tea Plucking Contest Part 2

On this week’s #LIveFromKenya, #JusteaFarmers are competing in Heat 2 of our Kenyan tea plucking race! Johana, Monica, Adelite, and Jen, face off to advance to the quarter-finals. The 2 fastest pluckers move on in the competition, the slower pluckers get a consolation prize of bread!

Tea Plucking Contest

This month we are holding a plucking contest! Each week our #justeafarmes will compete to pick the most tea leaves! This week we have Elizabeth, Shanguya, Sammy, and Joel facing off to get to the quarter-finals! ?

Planting Avocado Trees

For this weeks #LiveFromKenya three of the amazing #JusTeaFarmers plant avocado trees for the school program. These avocado trees will eventually support a lunch program and teach the kids about agriculture and how to harvest their own food.