Fruity Purple Tea Rose Cocktail

Fruity Purple Tea Rosé Cocktail

Oh rosé, how we love you so. And apparently so does the rest of the world! Rosé is getting some serious attention lately. Ever tried Frosé? Rosé sorbet? Rosé gummy bears? Yeah, for real. Go out and get yourself some, they’re delicious. We’ll wait…

This Fruity Purple Tea Rosé Cocktail is a fun spin on all of this rosé madness. It includes our Purple Leaf Tea so not only is it delicious, but it also provides the benefits of Purple Tea. We’re sure you’ve heard us rattle off the benefits of Purple Tea at this point, we can’t help ourselves – it’s just so amazing! So if you want to learn more check out this blog post.

Fruity Purple Tea Cocktail

We had no idea how much we would LOVE the pairing of lime, orange and lemon with our Purple Leaf Tea! Of course, we normally add a squeeze of lemon in our Purple Tea (it’s delicious and turns the tea a vibrant pink colour), but, the addition of more citrus fruits is unreal. It pairs so well with the plum and fresh spring green notes that come from Purple Leaf Tea. Of course, the vodka and rosé doesn’t hurt as well 😉

This recipe is another easy one, it’s so simple to put together! Make a big batch of this and throw it in a pitcher to enjoy with friends while soaking up the sunshine.

Fruity Purple Tea Cocktail

Servings: 3

Total time: 10 minutes


4 teaspoons (or 4 tea bags) of our Purple Leaf Tea
3 cups boiling water
a bottle of sparkling rosé
75ml vodka
Honey – to taste
Lemon juice – to taste
Ice cubes
2-3 orange slices
2 slices of lime


  1. Pour the boiling water over the 4 teaspoons of Purple Leaf Tea and leave to steep for 10 minutes. after 10 minutes, add honey and lemon juice to taste and place in the fridge until cool.
  2. In glasses, pour a 25ml shot of vodka in each. Fill the glasses with cold tea until they are about half full.
  3. Top up the glasses with sparkling rosé and add ice cubes.
  4. Garnish with fruit slices and enjoy!

If you tried this recipe leave a comment below or tag us in your photos @justeakenya on Instagram or Facebook! Cheers, friends!

Fruity Purple Tea Cocktail