Adam Sharp JusTea

JusTeam Canada Feature: Adam Sharp

Adam Sharp

Marketing Strategist

Adam is the most recent addition to our team; he joined the JusTeam back in July last year. He’s a Google & Amazon wiz and he handles all of our top-level strategizing to ensure that our products are seen online. Adam works closely with Nicole, our online marketing manager, to plan out monthly campaigns and strategies.

Adam actually comes from a coffee background, but he’s seen the light! He’s now hooked on our Fair Trade teas, especially Purple Chocolate. In his free time, you can find Adam dabbling in various hobbies such as screen printing and playing in a few bands. Read on to learn more about Adam and follow along on Instagram and Facebook to see more #JusTeamCanada features.

Adam Sharp JusTea

What is your favourite thing to do while drinking tea?
The best thing about tea is that there’s something for every occasion! I’ll typically have a green or black tea in the morning to give me that little boost (JusTea’s Nandi Hills Black is dynamite, and I can say that without bragging as an independent contractor!), and I’ll often read a book with that one to ease into the day. That’s my favourite cup of the day. Evening teas are also nice. Purple Rain is great for tiding me through some evening work. The tiniest little pick me up but not significant enough to affect my sleep.

What’s your favourite Canadian delicacy; maple syrup or poutine?
Maple syrup! I’m British and never fully got the poutine thing. Cheesy chips and gravy are the UK alternative, but the cheese is melted instead of curds. Wayyyyyyy better…

How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse?
At 6’8”, I’d probably feed a family of zombies for a week, so I’m expecting not very long.

If you had a theme song, what would it be?
I wish I was cool enough to pull off Ride of the Valkyries or Eye of the Tiger or something. It’d probably be something like the Mr. Rogers Theme-tune though…

What’s a movie you can practically quote from start to finish?
There are three, all from my childhood. (I guess as adults we don’t tend to watch the same movie on repeat too much?) 1) Mighty Ducks: D2. 2) Dumb & Dumber. 3) Home Alone.

What TV show are you watching right now?
I try not to go down the TV show rabbit hole – I get fully addicted and lose hours of my life to the television. I’m more of a film person for that reason. There are a few that I get excited for though. Stranger Things. Big Mouth. Brooklyn 99.

What’s your favourite tea from JusTea? How do you take it?
Without a doubt, it’s Purple Chocolate. Best tea I’ve ever had! I take it black, although I bet it’d only get better with milk and sugar. Must try.

How do you spend your free time outside of work?
I’m a screen printer and I make a lot of music posters in my free time. Aside from that, snowboarding in the winter, cycling, swimming, photography, and I play in a couple of bands.