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Our New Handcrafted Teas & Self-Reflection

Fresh teas have just arrived from Kenya! The Katah family shipped us some new handcrafted teas: Monsoon Black and Spiral Green! The Katah’s are very excited to be sharing these delicious teas with you as these are the only Kenyan teas in the world that are farmer-direct and handcrafted, woohoo!!

It has been a long journey to create these teas. L. McKeown writes that Great work is often built on the mundane. Great cathedrals start with bricks, great paintings begin with paint, and great novels start with words. He might have added that making world-class Kenyan chai begins with a cup of tea!

Over the past 3 years we have also learned about relational business from Jacob Katah. He’s our wise mzee with a 30 year tea history and one of the most senior Kenyans in the tea industry.

During this period to get to where we are, we have:

  • Made 5 trips from Vancouver to Kenya
  • Funded 2 trips for Buddha (our tea expert from Darjeeling) to train our farmers in handcrafting teas
  • Exhibited at the World Tea Expo in California and invited Jacob (our key farming partner) to attend with us
  • Received a Cottage-Industry Tea Processing licence from the Tea Board of Kenya (only one of 2 licenses offered nationwide!)

Boaz Handcrafted TeaSimilarly, Jacob’s son, Boaz, is persistent at developing these new handcrafted teas for JusTea. He’s driven mainly by the need for quality teas, and the kindness in him to help his neighbours. Their Nandi Hills tea processing kitchen is built on using unemployed youth as pluckers and as factory workers.

With YOUR ongoing JusTea support, we have opened the first farmer-direct tea processing facility in Kenya! Tea drinkers like you can now buy directly from small-scale farmers, so they can earn more from their crop and you can know exactly how your tea was made.

Asante Sana, Thank-you!

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  1. Joan says:

    I always love reading about what is going on is there somewhere on the website that describes the new teas I am curious about something called monsoon!

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