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Culture Shock

Culture Shock

Talk about culture shock. Motorcycle taxis weaving through traffic, getting lost in a slum, and seeing a Black Mamba are just a few of the things Paul and Sally from JusTea have experienced in their first weeks in Kenya. As Sally put it, there’s no gradual re-entry into Kenyan culture and their first day there […]

The Power of inspiration

The Power of Inspiration

We all need inspiration… that feeling of hope, the reassurance that no matter where you’ve come from or where you’re at right now, anything is possible. We all feel inspired at times, some of us every single day and some of us, not nearly enough. Inspiration drives hope, mobilizes dreams and can sometimes completely change […]

Joining forces in Kenya

Joining Forces in Kenya

Building trust, growing communities and perfecting the craft…it’s all part of Paul and Sally’s upcoming trip to Kenya. I had the wonderful chance to sit down with them before they embark on a two month-long adventure that will reunite them with the other half of the JusTeam. As Paul thinks ahead to his fourth trip […]

Chai Apple Cider Recipe

Chai Apple Cider Recipe

This Chai Apple Cider recipe is sure to take away the winter blues. Perfect for warming up with a loved one on a chilly winter’s eve, or making a crock-pot full when hosting a Christmas party, this recipe is as easy as it is delicious.   Ingredients: Organic Apple Juice (like Santa Cruz) JusTea African Chai […]