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Paul and Buddha making tea in Kenya

Buddha, Tea, and African Thunderstorms (Part 2)

During our time in Nandi, we often ate our meals together with the Katah family and Buddha, our tea expert from Darjeeling. The conversation most often consisted of stories from the well-travelled life of Buddha, or as he is known in some circles, “Uncle Tiger”, because he used to drive an old Peugeot with the Lion emblem. […]

Meeting to make the best tea possible.

Buddha, Tea, and African Thunderstorms

Paul and I arrived in Nandi Hills with Boaz on the weekend at the end of March. His Toyota pickup was slowly churning up the dirt tracks, billows of dust coating the edges of the tea bushes.  Everyone was anticipating the rain, eagerly watching the towering afternoon clouds only to see them dissolve into a […]

A Visit With Failure On The Road To Success

I had already been sitting with my aches and fears for many hours. I was waiting for the final interview after a long afternoon on a windy deck, in the dry hot air of a cafe adjacent to the hectic street life of Nairobi, Kenya.  We needed more than just a person to do things; […]

Culture Shock

Culture Shock

Talk about culture shock. Motorcycle taxis weaving through traffic, getting lost in a slum, and seeing a Black Mamba are just a few of the things Paul and Sally from JusTea have experienced in their first weeks in Kenya. As Sally put it, there’s no gradual re-entry into Kenyan culture and their first day there […]