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The Plight of the Tea Farmer

The Plight of the Tea Farmer

  “Plight” – a dangerous, difficult, or otherwise unfortunate situation.   The situation for the Kenyan tea farmer is not a pleasant one. Because of the current system, and reasons beyond the farmers’ control, many things have gone unchanged since colonial days.   Let’s discuss.   Most tea farmers only own 1 or 2 acres of […]

The Chai Wallah’s Gift

“Chaiiii! Chaiiii! Garam chaiiii!” The loud, nasal cry winds its way through India’s trains early in the morning. Travelers stretch their cramped and jolted bodies and rustle through their pockets for change. The chai wallah arrives with his silver urn and little paper cups. He pours a cup of steaming, milky black tea in exchange […]

JusTea gives back

The JusTeam gives back

Last week, the JusTeam in Kenya set out on a mission to provide months’ worth of firewood to a local elder, and while we were at it, ended up restoring power to the whole village. Here’s how we did it.   A local elder, Priscilla, was found to be in need of firewood. With the […]

PotteryWorks Rob Tea Cup

PotteryWorks Studio

JusTea is all about relationships. And we are so fortunate to have formed a partnership with a local company called PotteryWorks. I sat down with the founder/owner Dee, and learned a bit about what makes PotteryWorks so special. PotteryWorks is a collective of artists overcoming disability through their art. PotteryWorks is closely linked with an […]