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Grace Bain JusTea

JusTeam Canada Feature: Grace Bain

Grace Bain Mother to all staff – providing edible goodies We refer to Grace as the mother to all staff because she’s always popping into the JusTea office to drop of delicious treats for us and lending a hand wherever it is needed. Grace is also our resident expert spoon wrapper! When we receive the […]

Russ Lafond JusTea

JusTeam Canada: Russ Lafond

Russ Lafond Doctor of Operations Russ, the Doctor of Operations has been with JusTea from the beginning of the company’s inception. Being very passionate about his involvement in a start up, he helped and learned a great deal about building a sustainable and ethical business. He has travelled to Kenya twice while working with JusTea […]

Sonia Monty JusTea

JusTeam Canada Feature: Sonia Monty

Sonia Monty Account Manager Sonia is a pre-law student majoring in psychology that is passionate about how the legal system and social, environmental and animal-related issues intersect. After taking a sociology course on the history of agriculture, she was excited to join the JusTeam as it addressed many of the concerns highlighted throughout the course, […]

Grayson Bain JusTea

JusTeam Canada Feature: Grayson Bain

It seems like everywhere Grayson goes these days, people tell him they are looking for food that is natural, healthy and directly benefiting the farmer. So, he is proud to be the founding father of JusTea – who’s tea is all of those things! As Mzee (East African term for proud old man) he loves […]