Tea Plucking Contest Part 2

On this week’s #LIveFromKenya, #JusteaFarmers are competing in Heat 2 of our Kenyan tea plucking race! Johana, Monica, Adelite, and Jen, face off to advance to the quarter-finals. The 2 fastest pluckers move on in the competition, the slower pluckers get a consolation prize of bread!

Planting Avocado Trees

For this weeks #LiveFromKenya three of the amazing #JusTeaFarmers plant avocado trees for the school program. These avocado trees will eventually support a lunch program and teach the kids about agriculture and how to harvest their own food.

Our first of three #livefromkenya Q&A sessions is here!

Our first of three #livefromkenya Q&A sessions is here! Sharon, one of our amazing #Justeafarmers, answers your questions about her life in Kenya and her role working for JusTea!

Why Purple Tea?

Most purple tea farmers are based in the western part of Kenya, such as Kericho and Nandi. There are approximately 100 small-scale purple tea farmers in these areas and the JusTea/Tumoi partnership currently works with 80-95% of these farmers!

Boaz explains that many tea farmers began planting purple tea seedlings because of its unusual environmental qualities. Unlike the ordinary green tea bush, purple tea is much more resilient to drought and pests, which means that farmers can expect much higher yields.

Tumoi Teas continues its Purple Tea research with the TRI (Tea Research Institute of Kenya) and is experimenting with 10 new cultivars that will be introduced to the market in the next 3-5 years. These new cultivars are expected to have have higher anthocyanin and antioxidant content than previous purple cultivars!