Meet our JusTeam from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Paul, Tea Captain, JusTea Vancouver

Paul Bain

Paul is the Tea Captain, managing tea sales and product development in Kenya. He is excited to share Kenyan teas with you!

Russ - Dr of Operations, JusTea, Vancouver, BC

Russ Lafond

Russ, the Doctor of Operations, runs all the logistics in getting tea to you directly from the Kenyan farmer. He has a PHD in tea logistics.

Sally - Creative Conductor, JusTea, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sally Bain

Sally helps with brand design and is the one who packages your teas in Vancouver. Sally and Paul just had their first baby!

Grayson - President - JusTea, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Grayson Bain

Grayson is the Founding Father. He leads the team in Vancouver as the Canadian Mzee (wise old man)

Grace Bain

Momma Grace is our fabric tin wrapper extraordinaire! She carefully measures, cuts, and wraps, your artisanal tea tins with Kenyan fabric. She also keeps all of us happy with delicious lunches!

Working with farmers

Justly Made Tea

JusTea Kenyan Tea blends

Taste Our Teas

This is Freddy (Jane's Husband), he carefully hand-plucks 2 leaves and a bud for your Kenyan tea cup

Tea in Kenya