Meet our JusTeam from Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Paul Bain

Tea Captain

Paul has travelled from Vancouver to Nandi Hills every year for the past 7 years. Kenya is the country he has spent the most time in besides Canada, and in many ways, it feels like home to him. Paul is energized by working directly with small-scale farmers in Kenya, living with them on the tea gardens and processing tea together. He is passionate about connecting you back to the farmer who made your cup of tea possible… like Boaz, Jamilla and Emmanuel. Paul manages JusTea’s sales, marketing, and product development. If you have any questions about tea, He’s your go-to, he has taken many courses in tea and is a professional tea taster. Check out our full Q&A with Paul here!

Cleo Bain

Assistant to the Regional Manager

Cleo is our JusTea Canada mascot. She can sometimes be found running the show at our head office in Vancouver, where up until recently she had her own playroom. Other times she might be painting her feet blue at daycare or finding bugs in the garden at home. She likes spinning in circles and jumping on trampolines and playing hide and seek. If you plan to eat raspberries in her presence, be prepared to give most of them away. Cleo will turn 3 at the end of September and she has been looking forward to her birthday for a long time; since last September, in fact! Check out our full Q&A with Cleo here!

Russ Lafond

The Doctor of Operations

Russ has been with JusTea from the beginning of the company’s inception. Being very passionate about his involvement in a start up, he helped and learned a great deal about building a sustainable and ethical business. He has travelled to Kenya twice while working with JusTea and looks forward to many more trips to come. On his most recent trip, he transported a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast used to ferment and produce kombucha) with him to Kenya and taught Boaz how to make kombucha! Russ manages all product sourcing, production, international shipping logistics and helps with financial analysis. Check out our full Q&A with Russ here!

Sally Bain

Order Fulfillment

Sally is involved in many aspects of JusTea, from packaging design and spoon wrapping to chatting with you at tea festivals! These days you’ll find her in our office sipping on Peppermint Detox while she fulfills your orders. If you’ve ordered from JusTea you’ve likely received a hand-written thank you note from her! When JusTea was getting started, Sally helped design some of JusTea’s packaging and branding elements, including our beautiful logo and triangle boxes. She loves visiting Kenya and has visited twice, in 2014 and 2015. She especially loves the delicious Kenyan Chapatis (a soft, layered bread). If Paul goes on a trip to Kenya without her, she always asks him to bring her one home. It may be a little stale after that 20+ hour flight but she says it’s still amazing! Check out our full Q&A with Sally here!

Grayson Bain

Founding Father

It seems like everywhere Grayson goes these days, people tell him they are looking for food that is natural, healthy and directly benefiting the farmer. So, he is proud to be the founding father of JusTea – who’s tea is all of those things! As Mzee (East African term for proud old man) he loves seeing how Paul (Tea Captain) and Russ (Doctor of Operations) have taken over the leadership of JusTea, in partnership with the Katah family of Kenya. Check out our full Q&A with Grayson here!

Grace Bain

Mother to all Staff – Providing Edible Goodies

We refer to Grace as the mother to all staff because she’s always popping into the JusTea office to drop of delicious treats for us and lending a hand wherever it is needed. Grace is also our resident expert spoon wrapper! When we receive the tea spoons from the artisans in Kenya we wrap them with labels to prepare for packaging, and Grace is SO fast and precise! Seriously – none of us can compete! Though she still comes in monthly to help with spoon wrapping, these days her time is mostly spent being a Nana to her granddaughter Cleo (Paul and Sally’s daughter) so Paul and Sally can focus on their roles at JusTea. Check out our full Q&A with Grace here!

Sonia Monty

Account Manager

Sonia is a pre-law student majoring in psychology that is passionate about how the legal system and social, environmental and animal-related issues intersect. After taking a sociology course on the history of agriculture, she was excited to join the JusTeam as it addressed many of the concerns highlighted throughout the course, and allowed her to put what she learned into practice! Sonia has greatly enjoyed learning about tea: the benefits of tea, how it is grown and processed, and how to analyze tea. When she’s not studying or working you’ll likely find Sonia reading fantasy books, gardening or cooking with her grandmother over Skype! Check out our full Q&A with Sonia here!

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