Tea 101

How to Steep

To steep loose leaf tea, simply measure out 3g, or one scoop of tea per cup. Then pour nearly boiling water over the tea.  Wait for 3-5 minutes and enjoy your tea!

How to steep tea. Tea pot and mug in Kenya
Fresh plucked tea leaves.

Tea Plant

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world (after water). According to legend, the first tea was sipped in 2737 B.C.!  For thousands of years, the tradition of tea has been celebrated in cultures around the world.

All tea comes from different varieties of the same plant – the tea tree, known as the Camellia Sinensis. Originally found in China, and later discovered in India, it was introduced to Kenyan soil in the early 1900’s.

Types of Tea

There are many types of tea. Green tea, oolong tea, black tea, all come from the same green tea leaf but have different levels of leaf oxidation. There are also purple teas, in which the the tea bush actually has a purple leaf. As well there are herbal teas, made from varying plants and are caffeine free.  Tea is very good for your body and is a natural remedy.

Different types of tea after steeping.
Working with farmers

Our Story

Nicholas loves his work and the steady income he receives. His three daughters are continuing with their education through his tea earnings.

Team Kenya

Tea Accessories

Tea Accessories