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Nandi Gold

High Caffeine

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A cup of Nandi Gold is a rare black tea representing the best of Kenyan terroir. Single-estate grown in Nandi Hills, this special tea cultivar has an abundance of delicious and sweet golden leaf buds. A perfectly smooth cup of pure black tea.

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Steep a cup of delicate Kenyan black tea

Nandi Gold Flavour Notes

Rich & Smooth, Hazelnut & Dried Fruit.

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JusTea Stands for Justly Made Tea

Hand-Picked, Whole Leaf Tea

Great tea starts with great leaves. By intentionally hand-picking whole tea leaves, we ensure a top-quality, totally delicious cup of Nandi Gold.

Organically Grown

Unsafe chemical pesticides damage soil, the plant, and end up in your cup of tea. We avoid all that by encouraging regenerative agriculture, organic fertilizers, and bio-diversity in the tea gardens.

Fair-Trade & Farmer-Direct

Nandi Gold comes direct from the source. This ensures that profits stay in the tea farming communities, and that you get the freshest, purest, most delicious tea possible.

Enjoy a cup of Nandi Gold, just how you like it.

Loose Leaf Tea

Get high quality Nandi Gold in whole leaf form. Our teas come in fully backyard-compostable tea pouches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Elizabeth Wynn
nandi gold

Best unflavored tea, mild, and smooth to drink.

one of my go-to teas

Nandi Gold is delicious and flavorful, and one of my go-to teas! I love that it holds up to multiple brewings, and the flavor is absolutely top notch.

Jen Knight

Nandi Gold


My day doesn't seem right if I don't start off with Nandi Gold. I brew a small pot first thing, pour a cup to drink at home and bring the rest in to work with me to start the day out right. I give this to all my friends who like drinking tea because I love it that much. I will say that it has a fairly delicate profile that makes it so that I have to use RO water to really enjoy the tea. (I have extremely hard and slightly salty water coming out of the tap so it ruins most teas.)

Ally Pickett

Nandi Gold