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The Misleading Hype of Compostable Packaging

The Misleading Hype of Compostable Packaging

I will be honest, I am pretty obsessed with food packaging. I love digging into design elements, effective storytelling, and the environmental footprint of a package. That is why I want to share with you the research and decision-making process that has caused JusTea to transition away from backyard compostable packaging and launch new recyclable tea pouches. Misleading claims on compostable packages Look, I am super excited by the fact that every year more brands are responding to customer demand for more sustainable food packaging. Compostable packaging has become one of the hottest trends in the CPG industry. Unfortunately, most brands neglect to inform you that even though their packages are...

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history of tea, all about tea

The History of Tea

Tea is an integral part of the human experience, from a ceremonial, culinary, and health perspective. But do you know the history of tea? For example, where did tea originate? Keep reading to learn about the origin of tea, starting with what country invented tea all the way to an innovative new tea that is changing the story.

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tea making process

Explaining the Tea Making Process: How 7 Different Types of Tea are Made

Your tea making process at home involves boiling water, reaching for your favourite tea leaves or tea bag, and grabbing a mug. But do you know how tea is processed during tea manufacturing? Find out how the process of green tea making differs from black tea processing and how exactly oolong tea, purple tea, pu erh, and white teas are made!

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Fairtrade, organic sustainable tea farming

The Main Differences Between Sustainable, FairTrade®, and Organic Labels on Tea and Why You Should Care

Have you ever wondered what the difference between organic tea and regular tea is? Not to worry- we’re here to clear up any confusion you may have related to the labels you might find on a package of tea so that you can make an informed choice about which tea you drink.

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direct trade tea, farm to cup tea, farmer direct tea

Why Direct Trade or Farmer-Direct Tea is the Way to Go

Find out three reasons why the best place to get your natural tea is straight from the source: tea farmers! Plus, see how JusTea is supporting sustainable tea farming in Kenya. 

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About Tea In Kenya

Everything You Didn’t Know About Tea in Kenya

Kenya tea farming is an integral part of the economy and Kenya is the largest producer of African tea. Wondering how the tea industry in Kenya compares to that of other countries and how exactly tea farming in Kenya is done? You’re about to find out everything about Kenyan tea and the best teas to drink and why.

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why drink purple tea

Why You Need to Start Drinking Purple Tea Today

There are plenty of tea trends that come and go, but purple tea is an exciting new type of tea that’s here to stay. Keep reading to find out what purple tea is, benefits of purple tea, and some interesting facts about purple tea farming in Kenya.

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Benefits of green tea

What’s Behind Green Tea’s Benefits and Popularity?

Green tea is very popular and commonly known as the best tea for health, but do you know what all those green tea benefits are? Or maybe you’ve wondered, does green tea have caffeine? Find out what exactly the health benefits of green tea are as well as the best green tea out there for both you and the farmers who grow it.

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food tea pairing ideas

Snacks to Pair with Tea? Learn Everything you Need to Know About Tea Pairing Here

Have you ever wondered what snacks to pair with tea for the ideal flavour combination? When company is coming, you don’t want to throw just any old thing you have lying around the kitchen on a plate! The art of tea pairing is worth learning so that you can select the right tea with meals and choose what goes well with tea during snack time.

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tea vs coffee health benefits

Tea Drinker vs. Coffee Drinker: Let’s Settle the Tea vs. Coffee Debate Once and for All

Coffee or tea- the choice we are all faced with during breakfast, breaks, and after meals. The tea vs. coffee debate has strong arguments on either side, but is tea better than coffee (or vice versa)? Find out which is healthier, tea or coffee, and decide for yourself!

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Health benefits of chamomile tea

5 Reasons to Start Drinking Chamomile Tea

If you haven’t already tried chamomile tea, you’re missing out! You’re about to find out exactly what the health benefits of chamomile tea are, and you’ll be stocking your cabinets with this wonderful herbal tea in no time!

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How to make fresh iced tea

The Only Way to Make the Freshest Iced Tea

If you are always on the hunt for a healthier alternative to soft drinks with your meals, but equally as refreshing, then really the only answer is Iced Tea. It has less than 50% of the sugar content, but it is truly all-natural and has health benefits too (Antioxidants and more depending on the tea used. 

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How to steep loose leaf tea

How to Steep Loose Leaf Tea to Get The Perfect Cup of Tea

Do you know what's so great about a great cup of tea? It's there for you in your time of need. Do you wish to relax? A cup of tea will bring you all the zen you need. Want an all-natural energy kick in the morning? Nothing will get the job done better than a perfectly steeped black teacup! In summary, there isn't a need a cup of tea can't fulfill.  

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how to steep tea bags tea

The Only Way to Learn How To Steep Tea Bags Perfectly

Steeping tea bag tea sounds simple enough, but the way you do it might really affect your tea experience. When you steep tea, all the health benefits stored in those leaves find their way to your cup and to your body. That's why at JusTea, we want to share with you the exact steps to get the most out of your tea cup.

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zero waste plastic free tea bags

Introducing JusTea's New Compostable, Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free Tea Bags

When we first started offering tea bags, we were disappointed with the lack of environmentally friendly tea bag material on the market. So after a couple years, we decided to discontinue all tea bags until we could find pyramid bags that were actually sustainable.

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Health benefits of purple tea, health benefits of green tea, health benefits of herbal tea, health benefits of black tea

The Health Benefits of Purple Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Herbal Tea

Curious about the health benefits of purple tea and how it stands up to the other varieties? Have you ever wondered why there are so many different types of tea and what “Purple Tea”, “Green Tea” or “Black Tea” really means?  Let’s explore the art of making tea so you can understand the difference between the many types of tea we offer and the benefits of each, especially our newest favourite: Purple Leaf Tea.

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JusTea's Kenyan Wooden Tea Spoon

JusTea's Hand-Carved Kenyan Tea Spoon Partnership

You may already know that our mission is to help develop sustainable and ethical tea farming practices in Kenya, and increase trade in tea-growing communities by importing only the highest quality of tea for steepers all over the globe. What you may not know is that this mission applies to more than just tea leaves. In this blog post we turn our attention towards the people behind our wooden spoons: a group of carvers from Makueni County in southern Kenya.

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