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Kenya White Rhino

Medium Caffeine

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Why you'll love it
A cup of Kenya White Rhino is a truly exceptional cup of tea! Winner of the Gold Medal at the Global Tea Championship for best white tea, the soft, silvery tips of the tea bush are delicately hand-picked (it takes 1 whole day of work to pick only half a pound of this tea!) and then the silver tips are spread out to dry naturally under the African sun. The name of the tea pays tribute to the White Rhinos of Kenya which are sadly on the brink of extinction.

Award-Winning Taste
Delicate & Creamy,  White Chocolate & Honeysuckle

Medium Caffeine, 35 mg caffeine/cup

100% Natural Ingredients
Kenyan White Tea.
Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly.

Steeping Instructions
leaf1 teaspoon tea
water1 cup water
boilBoil 175°F
timeSteep 3 mins, Resteep 6 mins

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