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Purple Rain

Very Low Caffeine

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A cup of Purple Rain is a bright tropical infusion of juicy passion fruit sweet lemongrass crisp apple and a hint of hibiscus. Full of Purple Tea super-antioxidant health benefits!

  • Award of product excellence
  • Award of product excellence
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Steep a cup of our top-selling, favourite Purple tea

Purple Rain Flavour Notes

Bright & Lively Tropical Fruit & Hibiscus.

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Meet Your Purple Rain Farmer

Boaz is our team leader. He is excited to create new job opportunities for tea farmers in Nandi Hills. At JusTea, we're dedicated to fairly traded and farmer-direct tea benefiting Kenyan farming families with fair wage and steady employment opportunities.

Meet all the farmers

JusTea Stands for Justly Made Tea

Hand-Picked, Whole Leaf Tea

Great tea starts with great leaves. By intentionally hand-picking whole tea leaves, we ensure a top-quality, totally delicious cup of Purple Rain.

Organically Grown

The use of unsafe chemical pesticides damages soil, the plant, and is consumed by the tea drinker. We avoid all that by encouraging regenerative agriculture, organic fertilizers, and bio-diversity in the tea gardens.

Fair-Trade & Farmer-Direct

Our Purple Rain comes direct from the source. This ensures that profits stay in the tea farming communities, and that you get the freshest, purest, most delicious tea possible.

Enjoy a cup of Purple Rain, just how you like it.

Loose Leaf or Pyramid Bag Tea

Get high quality Purple Rain however you like it. Our teas come in 100% recyclable or reusable tins and pouches. Our pyramid tea bags are plastic-free and compostable (in under 3 weeks!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Purple Rain Review

Recently found this tea and I am taken away by how sweet and flavorful it is. Looking forward to diving into the other blends you all have to offer! Much love!

Laura Jacoby
Let me guide you to the Purple Rain

First, I am a coffee drinker at heart. Lately I have been trying to find less caffeinated drinks such as various teas. Saw the Purple Rain at our local health food store. So glad I made the purchase! Bright, crisp, floral. I look forward to having a cup of this tea in the afternoon. Thank you for sharing this quality tea with the world. Can't wait to try some of the others.

Dianne Ellis
Purple Tea review

I gave Purple Tea for Christmas and everyone loved it. And I bought myself a refill for my Purple Tea can.

Tiffany Jensen
Purple Rain is sooo good

I finally brewed my first cup of Purple Rain loose leaf this evening, and I am in love with this fruity tea. I like my flavors on the bold side, so it's nice to have flexibility in how much is added (I use 3 spoonfuls for my large mug, and it's perfect.) I also appreciate the reusable tin and wooden spoon, as well as refill packages that are eco-friendly. There is so much about the farmers, the process, and the packaging that I appreciate - I can't wait to try new flavors.

Darren Nelson
Not bad, but nor great

Overall ok. Nice aroma and colour.
Taste was nice, but maybe too much citrus/lemon notes? Nice but would not buy again