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Tea Infuser with Dual-use Coaster Lid

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Mesh Tea Infuser: Make clean up a breeze and cut down on waste with this Stainless Steel Infuser and Dual-use Coaster Lid.

Roomy Steeping: The large capacity of the steeping basket gives your tea leaves plenty of room to circulate and expand, releasing more flavour.

Micron Mesh: The extra-fine straining holes allows you to steep any tea type, large or small leaf size. 10,000 micron holes allows water to flow freely.

Stainless Steel: Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, so you can enjoy your tea without any unwanted flavours. It’s also rust-proof, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

Smart Design: The double-sided handle design fits most mug sizes. The infuser lid locks in the flavour while your tea steeps then doubles as a no-mess infuser coaster while you sip. It also saves your tea to re-steep for a second cup.

Perfect Steep: Just scoop one tea spoon of leaves per cup of hot water and steep for the recommend time (typically 2-5 minutes).

Dimensions: Infuser 5” handle width, 2.5” basket diameter, 3” height
Coaster Lid 
3” diameter, 0.75” height

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Love it

Makes it eay and quicker to make a string cup of tea way to clean and just perfect way to make tea

Trevor Frampton
JusTea is Just Awesome!

We brought in JusTea to our retail store in Santa Rosa, CA. We were fortunate enough to discover them at a tradeshow in Reno and were instantly hooked. Our first was the Tumeric, quickly followed by one with Hibiscus. Then we tried another and another and before long I ordered a case each of the trios. We've also brought in the tea pots (which are clever and stylish). Every week I put a pot downstairs for the customers (and staff) to try. Everyone has been loving the teas and we've already put in a reorder of product. My hope is that we will be long time customers. I personally love the Cream Earl Grey with a touch of honey. It is delicious.

Western Farm Center
Santa Rosa, CA

Candice Gibson
Holiday blend

Absolutely scrumptious!!

Angela Elliott
Fantastic Way to Brew Tea

I enjoy this tea infuser very much because of the way it is designed. Unlike other infusers I can use it in my china mug, my travel mug and my 2 different size tea pots. The extensions on the infuser function like handles and are long enough to use with different kinds of tea.

Robert Cairns

Is great we'll made, easy to clean

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