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Tea Infuser with Dual-use Coaster Lid

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Mesh Tea Infuser: Make clean up a breeze and cut down on waste with this Stainless Steel Infuser and Dual-use Coaster Lid.

Roomy Steeping: The large capacity of the steeping basket gives your tea leaves plenty of room to circulate and expand, releasing more flavour.

Micron Mesh: The extra-fine straining holes allows you to steep any tea type, large or small leaf size. 10,000 micron holes allows water to flow freely.

Stainless Steel: Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, so you can enjoy your tea without any unwanted flavours. It’s also rust-proof, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe.

Smart Design: The double-sided handle design fits most mug sizes. The infuser lid locks in the flavour while your tea steeps then doubles as a no-mess infuser coaster while you sip. It also saves your tea to re-steep for a second cup.

Perfect Steep: Just scoop one tea spoon of leaves per cup of hot water and steep for the recommend time (typically 2-5 minutes).

Dimensions: Infuser 5” handle width, 2.5” basket diameter, 3” height
Coaster Lid 
3” diameter, 0.75” height

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Renee Whitley
Super Tea Holder-Love it

I love the Tea Holder with the lid. It’s the perfect size & I have already used it many times!! Thanks-Renee W.

Michele Santoro
Excellent tea from an exceptional company

I was searching for a real tea (not an "herbal tea") with minimal caffeine. Very hard to find, mostly because not many companies actually indicate the amount of caffeine in their teas. I happened upon JusTea at a local store; my favorite color is purple, so I was drawn to the purple tin of their Purple Jasmine flavor. Jasmine not really my thing though, so I went home and searched their site and discovered Purple Chocolate (chocolate is my favorite food). A match made for me! And very low caffeine as directly stated in the tea details. Add in that the company uses farmer-direct, fair trade, organic practices, and I was sold. The Purple Chocolate has a lovely aroma and is so new tea for life :)

Ghinwa Yassine

This is so practical and works perfectly.

Leanne Broughton
Great product

My husband loves this. It’s so much easier to use than my old tea ball and fits over even my largest mug. I like the little base it sits in, too Very useful.

Love it

Makes it eay and quicker to make a string cup of tea way to clean and just perfect way to make tea