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Safari Oolong

Medium Caffeine

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A cup of Safari Oolong is a rare find since there are very few oolongs produced in Kenya! This special tea is meticulously crafted in small batches, resulting in a smooth and tasty cup.

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Welcome to the best Kenyan Oolong tea

Safari Oolong Flavour Notes

Smooth & Satisfying, Candied Hazelnuts & Apricot.

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JusTea Stands for Justly Made Tea

Hand-Picked, Whole Leaf Tea

Great tea starts with great leaves. By intentionally hand-picking whole tea leaves, we ensure a top-quality, totally delicious cup of Safari Oolong.

Organically Grown

Unsafe chemical pesticides damage soil, the plant, and end up in your cup of tea. We avoid all that by encouraging regenerative agriculture, organic fertilizers, and bio-diversity in the tea gardens.

Fair-Trade & Farmer-Direct

Safari Oolong comes direct from the source. This ensures that profits stay in the tea farming communities, and that you get the freshest, purest, most delicious tea possible.

Enjoy a cup of Safari Oolong, just how you like it.

Loose Leaf Tea

Get high quality Safari Oolong in whole leaf form. Our teas come in fully backyard-compostable tea pouches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Tudor Nicolescu
Safari Oolong tea

After I tried myself the tea I decided to buy it as a nice gift for friends. The subtle aroma of it makes for a perfect all day tea.

Very nice

It's a very nice smooth oolong closer to black than to green tea. For me it's an afternoon tea on its own or with some cookies or chocolate.

David Henderson
Very distinctive Oolong

This is my go to tea, and it feels somewhere in between back and green to me. I switched from Coffee in the last few years and this has kept me going :)

Daniel Rebers
Safari Oolong

Anytime I am looking for a smooth, subtle tea for a relaxing day or even when my day may be filled with computer work, I love Safari Oolong. It's my "go to" for when I'm in the mood for a lower caffeine drink. I'm not someone who raves about every product with a 5-star review, so don't take my 4 stars the wrong way.

Janet Emonson

A great tea - perfect for afternoon sipping.