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Hand-carved Heart Tea Spoon

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Enjoy a loving spoonful with these beautiful hand-carved heart tea spoons from Kenya! Perfect for your own kitchen or as a gift for your loved ones, each spoon is crafted from sustainably-sourced olive wood.

Simplify your loose leaf preparation with these spoons, just scoop out 1 teaspoon of tea, per one cup of hot water, and enjoy! Our stainless steel Tea Infuser is the perfect partner for these tea scoops.

Since each spoon is hand-carved, the bowl size may vary slightly but it is approximately 1 teaspoon and 4.25″ long

Read more about our Kenyan spoon carving partnership here

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Purple trio - Black tea trio

Tired of the tasteless tea bags and wanted a change. I loved the gift box with the handmade spoon and the wonderful diffuser and the packaging of the purple tea, Trio! The shock to my tastebuds are a wonderfulness a flavor, and has helped with my craving for sweets I found the purple tea so delightful that I ordered more purple rain, and I also ordered the Kenya black trio it is now my new go to gift for my loved ones it would be selfish not to share such wonderful taste. Thank you, JusTea for brightening my world

Joyce Triezenberg
Cute Spoon

Nice for measuring loose tea.

Very pretty

Very nice spoon. All the products are excellent!

Brigid Flipse

Bought two of the heart tea spoons. Beautifully carved and the wood is lovely. Wood definitely recommend. A unique gift for any tea lover.

The greatest little spoons ever

Happy to support a great cause while also offering our shop customers the absolute most adorable, hand-crafted wooden spoons. It's a win-win no matter how you look at it.

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