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Black Tea Trio

Medium Caffeine / High Caffeine

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A variety pack of our top selling Black Tea flavours: African Chai, Kenyan Earl Grey, Mt Kenya Black. 15 cups per tea flavour, Re-steep for 30 cups.

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Try a trio of tasty black teas

Black Tea Trio Flavour Notes

African Chai: Sweet & Spicy, Black Tea & Cloves
Kenyan Earl Grey: Aromatic & Rich, Bright Citrus & Wildflowers
Mt Kenya Black: Strong & Malty, Cocoa Bean & Dried Fruit

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Meet Your Black Tea Trio Farmer

Ruth earns an income by picking tea leaves, and with Thrive's training, she has been able to sell her organic veggies at the local market to provide extra savings for her 3 kids. At JusTea, we're dedicated to fairly traded and farmer-direct tea benefiting Kenyan farming families with fair wage and steady employment opportunities.

Meet all the farmers

JusTea Stands for Justly Made Tea

Hand-Picked, Whole Leaf Tea

Great tea starts with great leaves. By intentionally hand-picking whole tea leaves, we ensure a top-quality, totally delicious cup of Black Tea Trio.

Organically Grown

The use of unsafe chemical pesticides damages soil, the plant, and is consumed by the tea drinker. We avoid all that by encouraging regenerative agriculture, organic fertilizers, and bio-diversity in the tea gardens.

Fair-Trade & Farmer-Direct

Our Black Tea Trio comes direct from the source. This ensures that profits stay in the tea farming communities, and that you get the freshest, purest, most delicious tea possible.

Enjoy a cup of Black Tea Trio, just how you like it.

Loose Leaf Tea

Get high quality African Chai, Kenyan Earl Grey, and Mt Kenya Black in whole leaf form. Our teas come in 100% recyclable or reusable tea tins.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Rebecca Vince
So delicious!

I had a loose leaf tea company that I loved, but it’s actions towards its employees during the pandemic made me no longer want to support them. The hunt began for a new loose leaf company that was Canadian and hopefully shared my values. I’ve tried a few, but none that made me want to reorder. Then I found JusTea! They definitely shared my values, and are Canadian, but how would the tea be?? In a word, DELICIOUS! I picked up three trios (caffeinated, semi-caffeine and herbal). I miss my favourite Chai, so that was the selling point, but I enjoy a good Earl Grey (and there are lots that aren’t), but the black tea I wasn’t expecting much from. All three of them were AMAZING! I was so surprised by the African Black; plain black teas often have a bitter aftertaste to me, but this did NOT! The Earl Grey is arguably the best I’ve ever had, and the Chai is on par with my favourite. Highly recommend!

Alex Elcombe

All the teas are full-bodied and gorgeous. A definite re-buy!

Heather Keffer
Loving this tea!

Delicious tea and fair trade as well!
Wishing I could get it in large quantities.

Christein Chase
Beautiful gift

It has a lovely presentation and makes a beautiful gift

Angela Sargent
Just tea, just as it should be!

The tea is way beyond my expectations. This is what you get ftom a small supplier who knows the grower. Thank you for tea that gives me that 'aaaaaaah' feeling!